The Kaiser’s Web – Steve Berry

What an outstanding book!

If you are a historical fiction enthusiast with penchant to follow current day politics, this book is an absolute treat.

“If history has taught us nothing else, we have learned that we must defend ourselves against extremism…..from the beginning”

Author has done a marvellous job of linking past with the present and subtly pointing out how the history might end up repeating itself….almost. The poignancy of the issue surrounding human nature on compartmentalising the past and yet replicating the same behaviour in the modern world scenario is simply too conspicuous to ignore. The play of emotions be it via Nazi’s leading to holocaust or issues surrounding immigration which are at the root of discord all over the world, still remain the same and still remain available for manipulation.

“The masses have little time to think.And how incredible is the willingness of modern man to believe.”

Steve Berry is one of my favourite authors for the historical fiction genre and his books are delight simply because they shine with the amount of research and effort put into them. Of course, the book is fiction, however the walk across World War II is as true as possible and the consequences are always a scenario away from “could have been”

The book revolves around German politics and specifically Chancellorship, which is in trouble due to hidden information being brought to light to mis-lead into a web woven by an entirely narcissistic and overconfident character. The question in play is regarding the genetics of the two contenders for chancellorship, their link to Hitler and his associates and eventual impact on people and perhaps world as a whole. If you are familiar with the books, Cotton Malone and Cassiopeia don’t disappoint with their insight and ability to stay step ahead in the game.

“The game was the same everywhere, Only the players changed, not the rules, not the stakes, not the risks – only the players”

The current chancellor receives information, which steers her towards further research, where Malone and Cassiopeia enter. On their quest to find the truth, hunter becomes the hunted and the information leads to Hitler’s bounty and the unaware benefactors, which threatens to change the elections outcome. Help comes from unpredictable quarters and quest deepens when parentage comes into question. Discoveries lead to an interesting conclusion, which you will need to find for yourself while reading and you will, possibly like me will be left chewing on your nails until the very end.

There is much said and written about the World War II, the history of it, the victims, aftermath, participants and the eventual fallout. This book brings forward the war from the perspective of Germany and Germans, after all who wants to be on the losing side with the entire world watching and judging. Yes Germany has recovered and yes Germany is atoning for the sins of their forefathers but how does ir feel and is it the same feeling across all?

No one will know the truth of who died and who lived or rather escaped – Is Hitler truly dead? Did any of his closest aides survive? Did Eva Braun manage to flee? We will never know. This book is a spin off based on authors imagination and a compulsive read for the readers.

“”As arrogant pedantic fools often do, he thought himself the smartest and the cleverest”

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