Chanakya Chants – Ashwin Sanghi

“Politics is far too serious a matter to be left to the politicians” Chanaya’s Chants – Ashwin Sanghi

Since i started reading “historical fictions” a decade or so back, i have been contemplating writing one myself. If a “Da Vinci Code” can be created taking religion as the basis, Hindu religion is full of such instances or episodes which could be converted into a mythical and yet a gripping story line.

Alas, that never happened but i chanced upon this book by an Indian author which at first go promised to be a peek into Indian History. However, what i was not counting on was a well written and compelling storyline drawing comparisons to the “oh-so-old” times” and the contemporary ways. As you read the story you wonder if “Pandit Gangaprasad Mishra” is the modern day “Chanakya” putting into action the learnings and cunnings that Chanakya is known for or is it just a disillusioned world of politics where the author is out to prove that political discussions or media may have changed slightly however, the arena itself is exactly the same as it was 2300 years or more ago.

I do think that author should have dramatised or atleast illustrated the part of story which is entirely based on a curse on Chanakya a lot more – which was coming into action only after a few centuries. Some of the episodes are avoidable and give a Bollywood like feel to the book at times. Nevertheless, the script is witty and well written with no compulsive description of surroundings and atmosphere etc, keeping the readers imagination active along with the book. There are pages in the book which ensure a few chuckles and then at times when you pick up the current newspaper – it makes you wonder if all what we read, is just a game between some politicians and their entourage.

Chandni Gupta the protagonist in the book is portrayed to be a bold and intelligent woman, however at times comes across as a puppet. Pandit GangaPrasad Mishra who seems like the anchor / narrator of the story is portrayed to be infallible. When i finished the book last night for a few minutes i kept thinking if making her the prime minister was panditji’s main aim which he achieved – who is now going to ensure that she stays where she has reached and with goodwill. Chandragupta Maurya, who was in a similar way installed on the throne of Bharat, by Chanakya, was a strong leader and a courageous warrior, who lacked the political acumen of Chanakya but more than made up for it where it came to other qualities

Well, without giving away the entire plot my dear readers, i highly recommend this book to all the fiction lovers – from entertainment value.

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